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Dear Friends and Sangha,

Thank you for your support throughout the years. In this coming year of the Fire Bird, Rinpoche will continue his Dharma activities in the east and west, This year, Rinpoche plans to spend more time in Nepal and dedicate time for a personal retreat. Rinpoche will continue the work on Sangchhen Pema Chholing Retreat Center in Yanglen Shod, Nepal. We hope that Rinpoche will also be able to follow his doctors' advice and take some time to rest and rejuvenate in order to continue teaching in the near future.

Completing the Sangchhen Pema Chholing Retreat Center and fulfilling other Dharma activities this year requires some financial support. If you wish to consider supporting Rinpoche's activities during this year please feel free to do so using the link below. Rinpoche sends best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year to all.



Pema Osel Ling

January 1 - 8 : Dudjom Lingpa Dzogchen Retreat.

January 9 - 11 : Drubdra Teaching.

10307 Judy Ave
Cupertino, CA

January 29 : White Lotus Garland and Naga Pleasing Necklace Teaching, and Riwo Sang Chod


Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

February 12, Sunday : Troma Tsok.


February 18 - May 13


Godawari, Nepal

Dzogchen Shri Singha Center

May 1 - 8 : Khandro ThugTig Mendrup Drubchen


Pema Osel Ling

May 23 - 25 : Three Year Retreat Drubdra Teaching

Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

May 27 - 29 : Padampa Sangye Empowerment,
100 Advice from Dampa Sangye Teaching and Ladrub Tsok


Tara Mandala, CO

June 13 - 20

Chagdud Gompa Padma Ling, Spokane, WA

June 29 - July 2


Pema Osel Ling

July 13 - 17 : Drubdra Teaching

Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

July 22 - 23 : Dampa Sangye Teaching.


Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

September 2 - 3 : Pema Khandro Empowerment, brief Teaching.

Orgyen Dorje Den

Alameda, CA

September 16 - 17 : Lujong Retreat

Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

September 30 : Troma Tsok.

October - December


Taipei Center

October 21, Saturday : Khandro ThugTig Tsok.

October 23 - 24, Wishing Puja Green Tara.

October 25 - 26, Orgyen Menla Puja to remove sickness.

October 27 - 28, Orgyen Khandro Norla Puja for increasing wealth.

October 29, Protectors Ceremony for dispelling obstacles.

November 26, Pema Khandro Fire Puja.

December 3, Fish Release ༼ཉ་ཚེ་ཐར༽.

December 9, Liberation Ceremony, Vajrasattva benefit for life and death.

December - January

Pema Osel Ling

December 30 - January 7, 2018 : Dzogchen Retreat

January 13, 2018 : Khandro ThugTig Long-life Empowerment

Nagchang Gatsal

Mitchell St, Oakland, CA

January 28, 2018 : Phurba Tsok.

To view the Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Padmasambhava, the
Holinesses, and great teachers' images is "liberation through seeing"
(thong drol) I hope that faith and bodhicitta will arise in the minds of
all who see this.

The reason for making this website is that many people have
repeatedly requested it. My close student Jamyang has designed and
created this for people to enjoy.

Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche